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The five phases theory is published in the USA, by the Institute Of Noetic Sciences and by the Near Death Experience Research Foundation, in 2012 and in The Netherlands by the University of Delft, 2014.


This article describes an astonishing new, complete, non-dualistic Five Phase © theory about the near-death experience (NDE), based on the dynamics of (astro)physics. It includes all features (and ten new features ; also © copyright). The theory can be confirmed by hundreds of NDE's.


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Introduction of the Near Death Experience and the traditional mainstream explanations:


The near-death experience (=NDE) is an impressive, extraordinary, life-changing event that usually happens during unconsciousness. Well-known features of the NDE are the out-of-body experience, the tunnel, and the light. In the quest to find answers about the cause of the NDE, the mainstream scientific community has so far come up with two explanations:

  • The first one considers the NDE as a neurological phenomenon. Features such as the life review, the sense of being out of the body, seeing a tunnel/a light, and seeing strange things, are caused, from this perspective, by electric stimuli, stress, a lack of oxygen, medication, hallucinations etc. This explanation identifies the brain as producing the features of the NDE and of consciousness.
  • The second explanation considers the NDE as supernatural (=defined in this case as an unknown world/reality outside of our known world/reality). Promotor in the Netherland: drs. P. v. Lommel. In this theory, the brain is an interface. It is considered to be receiving a presumably large and endless cosmic consciousness. When people experience a NDE, they are therefore connected with, or part of, that special cosmic consciousness. This supernatural theory also explains such features as the life review, the experience of being out of one's own body, and the experience of speed. Nevertheless, according to drs. v. Lommel: this theory cannot explain why a NDE occur, or all the differences (Capelle aan de IJssel, 13 mei 2013). Besides this, according to dr. J.M. Holden the definition of the NDE by drs.v. Lommel is too superficial.

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However, both theories fail to consider that there is an important link between (the severity of the) trauma/sickness and the onset of a NDE and its typical characteristics. Moreover: they don't accept the idea that the NDE becomes more profound and more complete as the trauma/sickness grows more life-threatening. Such a statement is not - grosso modo - in accordance with the opinion of NDE-experts dr.M.Morse, R.A.Moody et al. Furthermore, neither theory takes into consideration that the NDE has successive phases. This is not in accordance with the opinion of, for instance, NDE-experts D.Fontana, J.Miner Holden, and K.Ring. Above all, neither theory explains all features of the NDE as we know it.


Because of the above and challenged to discover and develop a new, coherent, all-inclusive theory, Venselaar analysed hundreds of NDE's (only NDE's). And after more than ten years of study, she is convinced that there is a third possible explanation, which connects severe trauma/sickness to the appearance of a NDE (whereby consciousness is gradual in space/time) and which includes all known features.

Next to this, she consider the NDE as the first part of the final total event which happens to áll of us, after we die. NDE-people are convinced that they were physically dead and that they saw a glimpse of a life after life.


Prior comments:

1: In general, NDE-people do not remember or experience all features and all phases.

2: Some features appear at the same time.

3: This is a summary. It does not describe all features, nor the negative NDE, nor the after-effects.

4: All (known and yet unknown new) features are affirmed in the book 'De (bijna-)dood ontrafeld' by hundreds of NDE's.

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A preview of the new (astro)physical Five Phase NDE Theory:


As we approach the end of life, our sensorial observation decreases, our normal consciousness fades, and deep down in our physical body, at the (sub)atomic level, a fundamental process starts which releases a considerable amount of 'exotic energy' (i.e., light-energy/photons). Venselaar believes this special exotic energy is the foundation of another, new, pure and perfect body, as well as another kind of consciousness/awareness. With this new body (of exotic photons) we can travel through the barrier of space and time, as those who experience a NDE often report.

The NDE is without a doubt a real voyage.


Successive phases of a complete theoretical NDE:


Phase 1: the separation from the physical body;

Phase 2: a journey (through a tunnel) to a heavenly light;

Phase 3: being in the presence of the light, near a border;

Phase 4: the return (through a tunnel) to the physical body (the dead do not return, but cross over the border);

Phase 5: unification with the physical body.



Explanation of the (astro)physical Five Phases Theory


Phase 1: The separation


Summary of concrete experiences:

When people are severely traumatised (e.g., due to an accident or sickness or old age) they lose their normal consciousness. They also hear strange noises and feel vibrations and countless small explosions deep in their physical bodies. Almost instantly, NDE-people experience another kind of consciousness and a different body, often seeing their own physical bodies while, for example, standing next to it (=autoscopy). This is the beginning of the out-of-body experience and the NDE. NDE-people realise that they have a 'ghostly' body of (light)energy, which seems to be a copy of their physical body, but they don't notice any change in their personality. Sometimes they see other beings of light. These are their guides to 'heaven'. NDE-people don't feel the pain of their physical body anymore. They are happy, peaceful. They can hear and see, in a different way, but they cannot communicate with family/friends or doctors/nurses who are giving medical care. Sometimes NDE-people hear doctors pronounce a declaration of death.


Scientifi/theoretical ground:


  • We are starstuff (Sagan, astrophysicist);
  • We are subject to all Laws of nature during our life. Laws of nature are always in control. They effect our individual lives. We are part of the universe (Hawking, theoretical physicist, cosmologist);
  • There is no dualism (Tegmark, cosmologist);
  • Physics and metaphysics, normal and paranormal come together. They frame reality. It is the Big Picture (Campbell, physicist );
  • The frontiers of physics have gradually expanded to incorporate ever more abstract and once metaphysical concepts (Tegmark, cosmologist );
  • Mass and energy are both manifestations of the same thing, in different ways (Einstein, theoretical physicist );
  • In physics, the Law of conservation of energy (the first law of thermodynamics) states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Rather it transforms from one form to another(Newton, physicist and mathematician);
  • So where does our 'life-energy' go when we die?
  • The scientific research of (the school of) biologist and medical scientist Gurwitsch determined that, for example, cancer-cells with necrotic spots release ultraviolet radiation (= elektromagnetic radiation = photons = bundels of energy) and theoretical biophysicist Popp determined that severe sick/tainted cells release a substantial amount of light-energy in the form of photons. Photons are very small subatomic, submicroscopic packets c.q. bundles of light;
  • In this context, family members, friends, doctors/nurses occasionally have seen (throbbing) mist/fog/light leaving the body of dying people, which forms another new exotic light-body. It has human forms and it is a perfect reproduction. A silver energy cord or thread connects the disembodied entity to the traumatized physical body. The body of light/mist takes off and fades. But nevertheless, family/friends have seen that this new body is a real copy of the physical body of their dying loved one. Perhaps this occurs due to the fact that photons are related to the transfer of information, in this case about the shape etc. of the physical body from where they came. In 1967, Croockall, a geologist and well-respected investigator of out-of-body experiences, reported observations of mist emanating from the physical body at the moment of near death and also that the mist occupes a horizontal position over the body, at the beginning and end . Other reports of luminous, misty or other types of emanations were presented by McAdams (1984), Alvarado (1987), Wilss-Brandon (2000) e.g. . Venselaar confirmed this phenomenon in 2011 and 2013 by interviewing family members of NDE-people and of dead people;
  • In order to see anything the retina needs to pick up at least 40 photons per second (Dierickx ). And only one person can see a specific photon: when we see a photon we annihilate it at the same time (Young , cosmologist);
  • The release of light-energy from a traumatized body can also be affirmed, indirectly, by other scientific research. Researchers established that ín (Chawla, Greene) and néar the physical body (Atwater ) of severe traumatized/dying people, the electromagnetic values (those related to light) change;
  • Photons are light-quanta, they carry/mediate the electromagnetic force (Sutter, astrophysicist), and they are related to the relativity of space/time by Nimtz and Stahlhofen (physicists ), and to (the transfer of) information by Howell (physicist );
  • Besides this, the assumption is that photons are related to consciousness (F.A.Popp, and physicist F.Dyson> also: electron, neutrino etc.) and to the creation of the universe (Cox , physicist);
  • Quantum physicist Bohm was convinced that all matter in this universe - which includes our physical body - is also light, but in a condensed frozen state (other physicists speak about frozen light);
  • There are more types of photons/light. For example: photons have the properties of waves and particles, they can be virtual or not, visible or not (cf. the rainbow colors, whereby the rays on the red end of the visible light spectrum have longer wavelengths with less energy, and rays on the blue end of the spectrum have shorter wavelengths and more energy). They are currently understood to be strictly massless. However, research of Firstenberg , Peyronel , Liang , Gorshkov , Lukin and Vuletić has proven that photons can travel as massive particles with strong mutual attraction. Besides that astronomers Jiménez , Maroto do expect that researchers will discover a new kind of photon with science-fiction properties;
  • Photons that do not interact (e.g. by a gascloud) or are not absorbed (e.g. by a molecular cloud or a nebulae) stay photons for ever. They live for ever (Sutter, physicist ).


A cautious conclusion:

If one's physical body (which is formed by condensed frozen light in accordance with the ideas of physicist Bohm) is severely traumatised, deep down in the physical body, at the (sub)atomic level, a fundamental process starts which releases a considerable amount of 'exotic energy (i.e. light-energy/photons). NDE people feel vibrations, buzzing sensations, waves of energy going through their physical bodies. (it is the realization of the law of conservation of energy). And due to this process, the have a sense of leaving their physical bodies with a body of 'exotic'light and another kind of consciousness. An out-of-body experience will occur. They will have an autoscopy. This is the beginning of life after life, as beings of light-energy formed by exotic photons (our life after life body is just another manifestation/state of light).

At such transitional moments, daily consciousness, connected to the brain under normal circumstances, transforms into a broader, transcendent consciousness. However, this 'new' consciousness is still quite personal.

Because it is probable that the photons that form the new body are indestructible and can travel in space/time, the next life can be 'for ever'.

Finally, the photons of the exotic body are probably quite capable of carrying information about who we were and are. Thus the new exotic photon body can be roughly the same as the physical body (N.B.: hindu teaching tells the same thing: our life-after-life body is an exact counterpart of our physical body. We will have the same appearance which we possessed in our youth).

Therefor, life after life is just another representation of ourselves as beings of light-energy (in time and eternity).



Phase 2: The journey through a tunnel


Summary of concrete experiences:

As a trauma grows more severe, NDE-people (as beings of pure exotic light) travel further from their physical bodies. They see, for example, the roof of the hospital from above. After a while they are surrounded by a dark space and they sometimes see grey/dark beings. Almost concurrently, they see the earth as astronauts do. And even more, they travel beyond planets, stars and our Milky Way (i.e., relativity of space). But they also realise that (as bodies of light) they are becoming as small as dust or grains of sand. A hole opens in space (NDE people say they spiral toward this hole). But there is also a tunnel (which feels narrow but endless, and seems to float in space). NDE-people travel through this tunnel at or faster than the speed of light (i.e., relativity of time). Besides this, they experience the attraction of a huge 'magnet', a beautiful heavenly light that grows larger and larger. All the while, they experience beautiful sounds and colors. Again, these descriptions are drawn from the research of Venselaar.



Scientific/theoretical ground:

  • Astronauts have seen strange flashes of light .These lights came by near the speed of light and disappeared rapidly. The astronauts reported that they observed the phenomenon more frequently during the transit to the Moon than during the return transit to Earth . Apollo-astronauts reported this phenomenon once every 2.9 minutes on average. The flashes were white, with one exception in which the astronaut observed blue with a white cast;
  • Another relevant property of light is the speed of light in a vacuum: ± 300.000 km/s;
  • Dýing cells in our physical body release an enormous amount of exotic light-energy in the form of photons, about 100 to 1000 times more (Popp). So, this process concerns countless photons. However, dead cells do not emit photons anymore;
  • Light and magnetism are two aspects of the same substance (physicist, mathematician, Maxwell);
  • Mattter is thought to spiral toward a black hole (e.g.: dr.P.Gandhi, School of Physics & Astronomy University of Southampton Highfield). And the gravitational attraction is so strong that even light cannot escape and spirals toward a black hole. A black hole bends space/time and light just follows this path;
  • Light can be influenced by attraction, gravity (Cox) whereby the effect of a gravitational collapse is the contraction of a substance. Strong contraction - of for instance stardust, matter - can lead to a black hole;
  • In the scientific world the assumption is that this phenomenon exist on a physical and astrophysical scale:
  • On the astrophysical scale, stars explode at the end of their lives and release a certain quantity of stardust, energy and matter. After that, roughly three things can happen:

1) If a star has little mass, the dust, energy, matter form a nebula;

2) If a star has more mass, the dust, energy, matter form a compact, round nebula;

3) If a star has a very great mass, the dust, energy, matter ultimately collapse and form a black hole. In other words, the strong contraction of a substance can result in a black hole;

  • A black hole is a real hole in the fabric of the cosmos, which can also be part of a wormhole (= Einstein-Rosen bridge); The assumption is that a wormhole is an endless tunnel through space in which time can becomes relative (physicist P.Davies). It is a connection between distant points in space . It is an instant shortcut through spacetime. It concerns billions of lightyears . In other words, via a wormhole you could cross the Milkyway and be back home before dinner .
  • Astrophysicist R.Gott even nárrow tunnel through space; thinks it is a
  • Physicists G.Nimtz and A.Stahlhofen have concluded that photons can travel faster than the speed of light through a so called: photon-tunnel. Tunneling particles can cross space instantaneous (= quantum tunneling);
  • Photons can probably travel through black holes without being destroyed and without losing information (S.Hawking ) and through wormholes as well (team Kleihaus and Kanti , Hawking );
  • Scientists at CERN acknowledge the possibility that tiny black holes ánd tiny wormholes exist (physicists of CERN: M.Faizal, M.Khalil, A.Farag Ali; and respectively De Rújula , B.Cox). These phenomena might appear at the subatomic, submicroscopic level;
  • It is proven that blue laser can trigger a (sonic) blackhole, including a event horizon, and as small as a tenth of a millimeter. The soundwaves coming out of the blackhole has positive energy and the energy going into the blackhole has negative energy. These kind of blackholes have the same equations as normal black holes. (Steinhauer, J., scientist Atomic physics labaratory)
  • Wormholes through this universe are called: intra-universe wormholes;
  • Wormholes are in line with Einsteins Law of general relativity (according to theoretical physicist J.Wheeler ) and also in line with the laws of nature/the universe ;
  • Researchers are investigating Einstein's Spooky-action-at-a-distance and the extent to which these weird correlations can span time as well (physicists S.Brierley; C.Brukner e.g.). (N.B.: a spacial wormhole for magnetic fields is already developed by scientists of the Autonomous University of Barcelona);
  • Support of dualism among scientists has gradually dwindled (Tegmark).



A cautious conclusion:

As one gets closer to the end of their life (due to trauma/sickness/old age), the unstable or dying atoms/cells of the declining physical body release an increasing number of photons. The more photons that are released, the more compact the new/other body becomes (due to magnetism, quantumgravity and in the end: gravity collapse). The more compact it becomes, the more complete and profound the NDE.

(NB: dr.R.Dijkgraaf, director and Leon Levy professor of Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, is convinced that if our physical body could transform into energy, there would be enough energy for the USA, for one year).

Venselaar suggest (in accordance with the Principle of Correspondence, one of the seven Hermetic Principles) that three things can gradually happen after the release of different amounts of exotic photons (depending on the progress and severity of the trauma): 1) the creation of a ghostly body (i.e., a nebula) when a relatively small amount of photons are released; 2) the creation of a 'body' in the form of a ball/a dot/a grain of sand (i.e., a compact nebula) if the release of photons increases, due to a more severe trauma and more unstable atoms/dying cells; 3) the creation and opening of a blackhole (i.e., the opening of a tunnel, the spinning into it, and travelling through this tunnel) when a great mass of photons is released, due to an accelerated pace of unstable atoms/dying cells and the approach of the end of the physical life.

As beings of light our 'ghostly body of light' can thus be reduced to a tiny dot. This seems strange but, related to the endlessness of our universe, it is not important whether we are 1.75 m tall or as small as a grain of sand.

A small blackhole opens and a tiny wormhole comes into existence. NDE-people speak about "narrow tunnels' and 'endless strings of very elastic energy'. Such a string/tunnel forms a connection between the dying physical body and the new body of exotic light. (NB.: the Jewish/Christian teaching seems to describe this as the silver cord).

As the trauma gets more life-threatening, one gains more distance from his/her physical body and our blue planet and begins to see the moon and stars (relativity of space). They travel (as dots of lights) further and further, faster and faster, through this unique tunnel (a tiny intra-universe wormhole) and, in the end, faster than the speed of light (relativity of time). After a while, and somewhere near the edge of our universe, they reach that most beautiful light - the magnet - at the end.

(N.B.: again: Hindu teaching reveals the same thing. Krishna has told: "Now I travel faster than the speed of light, from planet to planet". Additional remark:

Cosmology of the Ancient World described just a few planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter). It was not until ±1900 that cosmology started to describe the Milkyway, prof.dr.R.Dijkgraaf).



Phase 3: Final destination (for the time being): the light.


Summary of concrete experiences:

NDE-people report slowing down as they reach the beautiful light at the edge of a 'heavenly world'. However, they also experience a border that they realize cannot be crossed. Only the truly 'dead' cross that border (after their privat tunnel through space has closed/ the silver cord has broken) and enter the eternal world of (warm) light. It reflects the divine. And besides this, the light is the source of everything that is.

Near the light there is also no clear distinction between the past, present and future. NDE-people will have a life review and sometimes a life prospect (how their future might unfold). They will see other beings of light (in most cases their 'deceased' family members) and a higher, spiritual being of light. Communication is instant. There is also a moment of judgment, but that moment is full of grace and love. According to NDE-people, light = love = knowledge/ information. In addition, NDE-people report an experience of receiving answers to all the questions of humankind.

Moreover, NDE-people see two huge tornadoes appearing as an immense 'hourglass': the upper tornado is spinning clockwise and outward, the lower tornado is spinning counter-clockwise and inward. One seems also to be a lot bigger than the other. In the heart of the 'hourglass' is all energy of the cosmos.

N.B.: NDE-people describe this 'hourglass' sometimes as two vortices, as a 'diabolo', or as a 'butterfly'. Eben Alexander (former neurosurgeon) during (induced) coma (physician L.Potter: delirious but conscious), as a result of a bacterial assault: "At that point I was floating/flying on the wings of a butterfly.."


Scientific/theoretical ground:


  • Travel at the speed of light, time stops (DeGrasse Tyson , astrophysicist and director of the Hayden Planetarium; Young , cosmologist);
  • Concerning spacetime, the sharp difference we see between the past , present and future is only an illusion. They are all equally real (Greene). The past is not gone, the future is not non existent (Tegmark) ;
  • Light is related to (the transfer of) information;
  • The beginning or the border of a black hole is an event-horizon. It is a boundary, a point of no return. Once particles (or photons) are inside the horizon, moving into the hole is inevitable;
  • A black hole is far from black. It is surrounded by light, much light (Hamilton , astrophysical and planetary scientist);
  • Information is not lost once it enters a blackhole (Stojkovic) ;
  • The primary cause of the cosmic background radiation is hot and consists of high light energy (gamma rays) . The cosmic background radiation is the source of almost all the photons in the sky. It is the oldest and brightest light in the universe (Sutter, physicist); (NB: nowadays the radiation is stretch out into radio-waves (Dijkgraaf);
  • The assumption of Venselaar is that this other black hole (after the privat tunnel through space via the intra-universe wormhole) forms the beginning of an 'inter-universe wormhole'. This is a wormhole betwéen universes;
  • Black holes may be portals to another paralllel universe (Hawking) ;
  • Black holes as a part of wormholes can be tunnels to another universe (De Grasse Tyson , Kaku );
  • The old idea of the Big Bang is a dogma . Maybe it is a permanent collision of universes ;
  • This can relate to the theory that there is more than one universe (according to theoretical physicists Turok and Steinhardt ; cosmologist and physicist Guth , cosmologist Tegmark , physicist Mir Faizal, et al);
  • A theoretical astrophysical model of the cosmos is the hourglassmodel with two adjacent universes ;
  • In case of two universes, one universe is made of matter (where we live in), the other universe is made of anti-matter ;
  • There should be an anti-matter twin of our universe, but this anti-matter universe is missing so far ;
  • An 'hourglass-model' has an upper tornado/universe and a lower tornado/universe; one tornado is spinning clockwise and outward (efflux), the the other tornado is spinning in the opposite direction: counter-clockwise and inward (reflux). And one tornado/vortex is upside down;
  • Universes can be connected and separated by a wormhole (Poplawski, theoretical physicist );
  • This wormhole is in both ways a black hole and a white hole and is probably a never ending Big Bang, or collision of universes. Such a wormhole is - as said before - an inter-universum wormhole;
  • A black hole and the accretion disk, or any other massive gravitational source, are vortices ;
  • there are different vortex types ;
  • one of the assumptions of theoretical physics is that there is an spacetime continuum vortex. Spacetime 'medium' circles around in a vortex (Gordon, theoretical physicist) ; a vortex is a rapidly spinning, cirular or spiral flow of - in hoc - spacetime around a central axis.
  • spacetime vortex is confirmed by NASA ;
  • spacetime can be a continuum ;
  • Two universes can be part of a cyclic continuum;
  • A model of a continuum of the total cosmos is the torus. The core is created by the two opposite spirals/vortices (=vortex);
  • The torus as an attractor can make space and time relative and brings order into disorder;
  • And the hypothesis of two (or more) universes can explain the cold spot on the WMAP-photo of the universe (L.Mersini) and also the dark flow. This flow indicates a presence of some external source influencing and sweeping matter from our universe; In other words: it is possible that a sibling universe is pulling content of our universe outward (team Kashlinsky, NASA, Greenbelt);
  • Superstring theory allows for two universes, whereby one is huge, one is tiny.


A cautious conclusion:

During a NDE, people travel in space-time through a small elastic and almost endless private tunnel (i.e. intra-universe wormhole) to the edge of our universe. However, this narrow tunnel stays connected to the traumatised/dying physical body and is held open by a special exotic energy, in part by one's own energy. The tunnel ('silver cord') is an open connection as long as the physical body has (remote) signs of life.

The image one sees of an 'hourglass' is formed by two tornadoes, which spin in opposite directions. Venselaars supposition is that these tornadoes are two different universes; one of them is our own and the other is an astral universe whose essence is a variety of subtle vibrations of light.

The 'heavenly' universe is huge, lightweight, warm, light and mainly intended for immaterialisation. Our universe - as the opponent - is small, heavy, cold, dark and mainly intended for materialisation. This is according to the Principle of Polarity). As mentioned before, superstring theory allows for two universes of differing sizes.

(N.B.: Hindu teaching: there are two universes. The entire physical creation hangs like a little solid basket under a huge luminous balloon of the astral universe. This universe is made of various subtle vibrations of ight and color).

In the center, at the edges where both universes meet, there is another wormhole (formed by a black hole and white hole, vice versa) that is different than our private black hole and intra-universe wormhole/tunnel through space-time: it is the beginning of a huge inter-universe wormhole or 'door' to another astral universe. The entrance is very likely not private but common.

On the event-horizon at the border of the inter-universe wormhole, NDE-people are stopped; they don't cross the border and enter the (common) inter-universe wormhole to 'heaven'/ the astral universe. Dead people do - after the tunnel has been closed - and experience eternal life.

However, NDE-people are still stuck to their physical body by this endless tunnel or string of very elastic energy, as NDE-people report (as Venselaar speculated earlier, this is probably a tiny intra-universe wormhole through space-time). The event-horizon of the big inter-universe wormhole is surrounded by light, a genuine, concrete magnetic force.

One sees the 'ghostly reflection' of deceased loved ones, likely also composed of indestructible photon bodies. The communication is immediate and seems to be telepathic as informed (non-local) photons are exchanged. The life-review (or life-prospect) is made possible by the relationship between photons and the information they carry and by holographic phenomena, whereby the past, the present and the future comes together. According to NDE-people one day is like thousands of years, v.v. (NB.: it is interesting to compare this to the Jewish/Christian teaching). Time is relative.

And the fact that light = information may explain why one becomes aware of the answers to all questions of humankind. All information is available here, due to the fact that light is information, likely including the information about everything that disappears behind the mist/fog/stardust/light near the blackhole and wormhole to this other heavenly universe. (NB.: world views like for instance Jdaism, Christianity, Islam, consider God as omniscent).



Phase 4: the return


Summary of concrete experiences:

NDE-people report seeing a blue/green or red/pink beam of light that they can (sometimes) choose between. They know for sure that the blue/green beam means continuing their life on earth; the red/pink beam means the end of life on earth, but the beginning of eternal life behind 'the door to heaven'. Their thoughts (and the thoughts of the higher spiritual being) seem to be rather crucial to this choosing process. NDE-people return, often against their will, through a still-open private tunnel/connection, back into their physical bodies. And for the second time they see stars and planets during their return.


Scientific/theoretical ground:

  • The beams of light are probably due to the Doppler-effect (Doppler was a mathematician and physicist), a phenomenon in the universe where blue/green light is created when stars/matter/stardust approach us and red/pink light is created when stars/matter/stardust recede from us.
  • As said before: small tiny intra-universe wormholes can exist (B.Cox; A.De Rujula, CERN) and wormholes can make space and time relative, and can be endless (physicist Davies).


A cautious Conclusion:

NDE-people return through a narrow, but almost endless, private intra-universe wormhole/tunnel through space. This is still the connection with their physical body.

The red/pink and blue/green colors are most likely explained, amongst other phenomena, by the Doppler-effect. When NDE-people approach that beautiful lovely light (this whirlpool of energy and matter, the everlasting 'big bang' where two universes meet) they see that matter is coming toward them out of the causal source that creates everything we know in this universe (the process of materialisation). Therefore, this energy/matter looks blue/green. They also see the color red/pink. This is created by energy/matter (and so on) moving away from them and toward the black hole 'door' to that other universe, travelling farther and farther away from the galaxy/earth and the physical body.

These colorful beams of light, in combination with the thoughts of NDE-people (and/or the thoughts of the higher spiritual being of light), seem to determine the destiny. Thoughts are crucial, not only during the life-review but also in (re)setting one's goal (destiny/life-prospect). But in the end, the severity of the trauma of the physical body is also a determining factor.

Finally, one travels back as a 'dot' (due to gravity collapse in combination with the assumption that the energy of our exotic body comes together with the energy which has held our private tunnel open) through the tunnel/intra-universe wormhole through space-time.



Phase 5: Unification


Summary of concrete experiences:

NDE-people approach/re-enter the physical body as a ball/a dot, and then experience a sensation of expansion, while regaining full connection. They again feel a kind of vibration during the process of reconnection as well as the pain of the physical body (if they regain daily consciousness).

They have usually forgotten the wisdom and information they received when they were near the heavenly light. This feature of forgetting also applies to those who don't recall the NDE or any kind of out-of-body experience or journey. Some NDE-people wish to return to the heavenly light.


Scientific/theoretical ground:

  • Nowhere is gravity exactly the same: neither on earth nor throughout the universe. Therefore the attraction between objects/stars/stardust and so on is not always the same. Due to (absence of) gravity, objects/stars/stardust can cluster (or not). Gravity creates all kind of effects.
  • Gravity exists on an astrophysical scale (concerning the universe) and on a physical scale (concerning particles/kwanta)(B.Cox).


A cautious conclusion:

When NDE-people return from the light back to earth, they return with a compact body. This is maintained during their journey through the tunnel/the private intra-universe wormhole (due to the fact that the force of gravity is very extreme in a blackhole and wormhole).

But after this journey they 'unfold' into their physical body and connect with it. All the light-energy (c.q. the life-energy) flows back into the cells/atoms of the physical body. Electromagnetic values probably change again. As the trauma stabilises or decreases, one regain daily consciousness, and sometimes they remember (parts of) a NDE (compare this to the myth of soldier Er, a legendthat concludes Plato's Republic. Er suffers a near fatal war injury, and was already burning at the stake. During his NDE he experiences peace and joy, a journey from darkness to light, seeing several whirls, and visions of extraordinary beauty. But he was also strongly told nót to forget anything of this).

Eventually NDE-people feel the pain of the physical body again and have to deal with all kinds of after-effects of the NDE.





All features of the near-death experience can be explained by a coherent consistent non-dualistic (astro)physical theory, whereby the border, between the material world and the immaterial world, the physical and the light-body, is gradual.

Moreover: the NDE is a journey through the barrier of space and time, in five phases (concerning a theoretical complete NDE).

It appears due to severe trauma/sickness whereby deep down in the physical body, at the (sub)atomic level, a fundamental process starts, which releases a great amount of exotic light-energy (photons) which forms the new afterlife light-body and the new broader consciousness.

The NDE becomes more profound and more complete (with all features) as the trauma/sickness grows more life-threatening.

The total (astro)physical event causes progressively more distance from the earth (and one's physical body).The first three phases of the NDE form the first part of 'eternal life'. Life after life is - in general - the same for everyone, all over the world, regardless one's view of life, culture, race, gender, social class, etc. We are part of the universe in life and afterlife, in time and eternity.




Maureen Venselaar © 2011, The Netherlands




Naast positieve ervaringen van licht, komen soms ook negatieve ervaringen voor, die volgens BDE'ers o.a. worden gekenmerkt door eindeloze leegte en zwarte mist en door het gevoel ergens in het heelal te zweven waarin het licht van geen enkele ster doordringt. Coppes, voorzitter van Netwerk NDE/Stichting Merkawah schrijft:

Om helachtige toestanden te vermijden, lijkt zelfmoord een van de dingen waar wij erg voorzichtig mee moeten zijn. Het is beslist niet het beste wat we kunnen doen. (aldus Coppes B., in: Bijna-doodervaringen en de zoektocht naar het licht. Hij spreekt hier in de lijn van Moody, Grey, Ring en Franklin).